A New Year’s Resolution – Getting More Innovative in 2023

I hope that all of you had a productive and innovative 2022 and are planning for even more creativity and innovation in 2023.  One of the primary reasons for me writing these articles is to challenge bankers to “think about how you think”.  At this time of year, we often commit to New Year’s Resolutions, things we want to change to add to our personal or business activities for the coming year.  A great addition to your goals for 2023 would be to encourage all team members to be thinking creatively, leading to enterprise-wide innovation.

On the FNBB Intranet, I regularly post logic and thinking exercises for our associates to work. They’re fun but can definitely make you think.  So to kick off 2023, here is a logic puzzle for your consideration (thanks to Readers Digest for posting this puzzle – rd.com/article/logic-puzzles):

The holidays are full of parties. This year you’ve been invited to a party at Charlie’s house, but you’ve never been there. He has seven friends who live nearby. They’ve given you a map showing all of their houses and Charlie’s house, along with the following information:

Daniel: I can’t see Benita’s house because Greta’s house is in the way.

Adam: I live directly (not diagonally) across the street from Daniel.

Benita: Elena lives due west of me.

Elena: I have to cross three streets to walk to Franco’s house.

Hal: I live east of Benita.

Can you figure out which house (A-H) is Charlie’s?  Send me an email with your answer to dpeterson@bankers-bank.com.