Be Aware of Emerging Ransomware Ruses Hitting the Banking Industry

Hello, everyone!  As all of you know, Cyber risks continue to be one of the top concerns for our banking partners.  And for good reason.  Many, if not most, of the breaches are with the intent to “steal” your information.  As such, Ransomware can be the most harmful from a monetary and response perspective.  One of our bank insurance partners recently issued a Safe-Alert article on things to keep a close eye on.  We thought your IT leadership may find this of interest as we each try to keep up with what exposures exist.  You can read the article Be aware of emerging Ransomware ruses hitting the banking industry | ABA Insurance Services (

At FNBB Insurance Agency, insuring banks against loss if our only initiative.  I would love to talk further about this and any other concern you may have at your institution.  Thanks for what you do for all of us!